Angel Legion

Release date: Aug 14, 2020
1.029 Votes

Idle or play whenever and wherever you want. Customize the looking of your favorite Angels. Automatically accumulate resources all the time.

  • Reviews: Very Positive
  • Developer: Shanghai SilverMoon Network Technology Co.Ltd
  • Publisher: Shanghai SilverMoon Network Technology Co.Ltd
  • Genre: RPG
  • Tags: Sexual Content, Mature, Free to Play, Nudity
sitruc22001 - 1 Hour ago

This is not a game for everyone, but those like patience and a relaxed process should find it enjoyable. One word of warning, While it is possible to advance without spending a penny in this game, it is also a game designed to encourage you emptying your wallets. While not a true whale, I'm lucky enough to be able to absorb a reasonable preset budgeted drain on my pocket book. If you aren't or cannot stick to a predetermined budget for gaming stay away, oh dear lord stay away.

ChanceTheTank - 5 Hour ago

haha boobs

Мир рассыпается в - 20 Hour ago

Implement Anti Aliasing plaes
I wanna see some curves

Dizzario - 1 Hour ago

Decent way to kill some time in your day. Standard Gacha game mechanics. Ported from mobile platform.

Kahvi - 5 Hour ago

It's an ok time killer.

Ransom - 20 Hour ago

actuaslly really decent game

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