Being a DIK - Season 1

Release date: Feb 14, 2020
1.029 Votes

Being a DIK is a choice-driven adult Visual Novel focusing on the fun parts of college life. The game is packed with humor, sex, romance, drama and a rich story. Play as a young male attending college at B&R and guide him through the experience.

  • Reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive
  • Developer: Dr PinkCake
  • Publisher: Dr PinkCake
  • Genre: Indie
  • Tags: Sexual Content, Nudity, Mature, NSFW, Indie
justinbazemore1213@gmail.com - 1 Hour ago

Great game even without the porn. The story telling really brings me into the world.

Comrade Cross - 5 Hour ago

"Sex is temporary, the fraternity is eternal"
Came here to tickle my pickle, stayed for the story.

imunium - 20 Hour ago

best game ever
i love sage

dbzbeastboss - 1 Hour ago

The story is extraordinary.

Rohirrim - 5 Hour ago

Make Riona Main Girl.
She deserve to be happy.
I can fix her

Renegade - 20 Hour ago

Fantastic story with nice animation. Really, I didn't expect this kind of game to have such depth in the story-line. It is believable and captures the life of college-age kids and the things they are interested in with a lot of fun along the way.

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