CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 It's a Night Magic

Release date: Jul 31, 2019
1.029 Votes

Empire Club. The most luxurious bar that ladies and gentlemen come and gather. The beautiful maids who worked there danced and talked with the customers to amuse them.

  • Reviews: Very Positive
  • Developer: KISS
  • Publisher: S-court
  • Genre: RPG
  • Tags: Sexual Content, Nudity, Mature, Hentai, Anime
Ocelot - 1 Hour ago

I've never had more fun disappointing my ancestors.

u gril? *sniffs your armpit* - 5 Hour ago

My recommendation = Base game + GP01 (DLC) + R18 Patch (DLC)
You can get both DLCs on Steam. All of them are Plug n Play. You no longer need weird ritual to install R18 Patch. JUST GET THEM ON STEAM, LESS HASSLE!
Genital censorship is normal (even after R18 Patch), you'll need CMI for uncensoring that.

cody_bye - 20 Hour ago

I would recommend the base game, love the concept and love the previous games. But this is the definition of being overcharged, the DLC are a complete mess. You can spend $5000 dls in the website and still have a $10 dls bunny hat for the dlc you bought 6 months ago... Half of it should be game included.

Momoko - 1 Hour ago

This helped improve my reaction time, I now alt tab at the sound of footsteps in like 6 frames

Flying Purple People Eater - 5 Hour ago

I can't imagine live in a world without japan

StingRayTaichou - 20 Hour ago

It's called hentai... and it's art.

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