FreshWomen - Season 1

Release date: Aug 19, 2022
1.029 Votes

FreshWomen is a choice-driven adult Visual Novel focusing on the best parts of life. Become a freshman attending Minerva Bay College, romance girls and solve a mysterious incident. Your journey will be filled with comedy, drama, and lots of sex.

  • Reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive
  • Developer: Oppai-Man
  • Publisher: Oppai-Man
  • Genre: Indie
  • Tags: Sexual Content, Nudity, Mature, NSFW, Hentai
Vamo quere - 1 Hour ago

I dont know how this game got into my library and has 4,5 hours of gameplay. I think someone hacked my accounto or something like that. What a crazy world.

darksounds - 5 Hour ago

over 30 years of console gaming, I was sick of the censorship so I bought a steam deck and googled adult games and this was at the top of the list.
well I guess I wont be needing my xbox anymore....
But knowing what this was, I was very surprised at how good the story was, it is a visual male fantasy story complete with mystery, beautiful woman and even topped with a satisfying bromance.
I would and already have recommended this visual novel to others, even at full price. Just remember I'm coming from a platform that charges $90 for Pepa Pig.

fleagull - 20 Hour ago

Great game for the whole family!

kakos - 1 Hour ago

Story 9/10
Interface 9/10
Renders 10/10
Content 10/10
If you are wondering if its still worth buying, it is !

GOLDILOCKS - 5 Hour ago

Best game I ever played

He who goes by Goreth - 20 Hour ago

Not normally into this style of erotic game, didn't want to like Julia, but a new visual on almost every single dialogue line and the effort throughout the entire experience made the experience very much worth my time

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