Kaiju Princess

Release date: Jun 22, 2022
1.029 Votes

Living with a mysterious invader from outer space... who controls horrifying kaijus! (but she's pretty lazy)

  • Reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive
  • Developer: PantyParrot
  • Publisher: Mango Party, PantyParrot
  • Genre: RPG
  • Tags: Sexual Content, Hentai, Mature, Nudity, NSFW
MinT - 1 Hour ago

Hardest challenge of the game is how to convince your friends you are playing it for the gameplay and story.

ChiliBlock - 5 Hour ago

Currently grinding it for the 100% completion on my main account, want it to be my first perfect game. I'm streaming it to my friends while I play, funny as ♥♥♥♥.

shoe - 20 Hour ago

Strorywriter at its finest

Yoricus Rex - 1 Hour ago

I love monster girls because unlike in real life, the monster is on the outside. 10/10

pacariyka - 5 Hour ago

Before this game, i had no girlfriend, no job, no motivation. Nothing of this had changed but now i have 10 lost hours of my life. 10\10 kaiju girls in bikini.

Staplur - 20 Hour ago

i've never felt a woman's touch

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