My Neighbor's Lonely Wife 2

Release date: Jun 28, 2023
1.029 Votes

After moving to a new house, you quickly meet the beautiful young wife next door, Haruka Aoi. Chat with her, befriend her, and make her lonely heart slowly succumb to your charms.

  • Reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive
  • Developer: やさにき
  • Publisher: Mango Party
  • Genre: Indie
  • Tags: Sexual Content, Hentai, Nudity, Anime, Mature
Zerst - 1 Hour ago

No animation. Minimally voiced script. But the mechanics and story are damn good. Seventeen hours well spent. 9/10.

skadoosh - 5 Hour ago

sexy times teehee

Birdie - 20 Hour ago

i nut good game 👍

yizon019 - 1 Hour ago

I bought the game and didn't put it down for 8 hours. My heart is full and my balls empty

Warheidt - 5 Hour ago

Everything from the first game is improved. You know what you're getting into when you download this.
You're a college student who wants his neighbors wife. You slowly seduce her into loving you. Game is uncensored as well.
There's multiple endings and a playable after story as well.

空門 あお - 20 Hour ago

Okay so, game is not bad, there is enough space for you to explore and experience the whole game. Though NTR is just not my type, but I have waited for it for months. As it is exactly a pure-love story behind the mask of NTR, you will get it.

Only one thing makes me feel bad is that there is no such thing like a checkpoint, that means you would have to spend another several hours to run a brand new start to avoid the bad end one more time if you unfortunately reached one.

For example, my first round took me 5 hours to go through 109 days but it suddenly turned into a bad end and I can't just go back to where the mistake was made to changed it, which means, I need to spend another 5 hours to play through what I have already experienced once again. Meanwhile, I ain't the one who saves every day, especially each day of the game is actually ways of repeated. I could say it is fairly suffering.

Then I hope the game has the same function as Yuzusoft's games have, the flowchart, yes.

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