Rise of Eros

Release date: Jul 17, 2023
1.029 Votes

Rise of Eros is the world's first AAA adult mobile game, produced in a realistic 3D style with full 360-degree angles that reveal characters' delicate facial features and every inch of their bodies. Start your very own adventure replete with love and sex, stunning goddesses, and dazzling combat.

  • Reviews: Mixed
  • Developer: THE SHADOW STUDIO
  • Publisher: PINKCORE
  • Genre: Free to Play
  • Tags: Sexual Content, Mature, Hentai, 3D, CRPG
Kiggs - 1 Hour ago

If you're looking for a good game with fun mechanics, don't play this.
If you're bored and horny and looking for a H-game that isn't a visual novel, definitely play this.

DAEDRICswat - 5 Hour ago

My only regret is that I started on Android-
But the game is pretty fun, your usual mobile game with farming and grinding.
Didn't find myself with the need to invest real money in both on the mobile and this version. So I think it's worth it for the people curious and that want a gorgeous H-Game with nice graphics.

Burger - 20 Hour ago

Before I played Rise of Eros i had a small wee wee, no friends, no girlfriend and absolutely no will to live. None of these things have changed, but the game is pretty good.

Zenko - 1 Hour ago

pros, good side game with many gorgeus waifu :3

cons, doesn't cross save with android account TT

Takotime日出 - 5 Hour ago

Good turn base game, too bad most characters are using the same model called "persona", it would be better if they focus on making various character instead.

SteelRaptor173 - 20 Hour ago

I just wanna f*ck Inase.

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