Sexy Mystic Survivors

Release date: Nov 18, 2022
1.029 Votes

Roguelite bullet-hell combat meets sexy anime action in Sexy Mystic Survivors, as you rise to the occasion to help gorgeous heroines destroy countless invading monsters. Plan your builds, upgrade heroines, and survive against the clock. Keep the heroines alive and they’ll be sure to reward you!

  • Reviews: Very Positive
  • Developer: Fantasize Games
  • Publisher: Mango Party, Lewdonymous
  • Genre: Action
  • Tags: Sexual Content, Hentai, Bullet Hell, Early Access
Sumanai_Eugen - 1 Hour ago

Came here to look at the nun segs.
Stayed for the gameplay.
10/10 would recommend

Vengentz - 5 Hour ago

When you get a message from a female friend asking WTH are you playing !!?!?!?!? And you respond embarrassed you know it was a worth the $8 spent for this and it's SFW version of the game!

Firaga52 - 20 Hour ago

this is such an exciting, addictive game with TONS of replay-ability. the NSFW aspects are pretty nice cherry on top but i play for the power-ups :)

Paladin42 - 1 Hour ago

Better graphics and more motivation to maintain attention than Vampire Survivors. Needs more levels.

~♥ev-eeee♥~ - 5 Hour ago

game is vampire survivors with flashier graphics and a hentai gallery

Contam - 20 Hour ago

I told my friends this was the original vampire survivors

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