Take Me To The Dungeon!!

Release date: Jun 29, 2023
1.029 Votes

Explore the depths of this massive dungeon with your adorable companion Una in this exciting R-18 deck-building adventure!

  • Reviews: Very Positive
  • Developer: Hanabi Fuusen
  • Publisher: Mango Party
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Tags: Sexual Content, Nudity, Hentai, Mature, NSFW
Aya - 1 Hour ago

You should know that I nominated this game for all the categories I could.

PizzaFries - 5 Hour ago

It's actually a really fun card game.
The porn is just a nice bonus on top of that.

Spacesuit Spiff - 20 Hour ago

It's not a top-tier deckbuilder, but the gameplay is a decent little puzzle to fill out the short runtime. If we go from visual novels having copypaste JRPG combat they don't need, to visual novels having a genuinely creative take on deckbuilders, that's a good trade in my book. And the deckbuilding system is creative, you play a set hand and can only redraw it by scrapping a card. This turns some fights into a battle of attrition, and is potentially interesting. Since you set up your deck before embarking it's basically a 'find the exploit' game and when you find it you spam it, with a bit of messing around in menus between levels to keep up with the powercurve. Don't buy it expecting a great deckbuilder, but it does its job.
The story is light silly Girlfriend Experience with some fantasy tropes. Not much substance to it, but it's not much time investment for what you get. The production value is good, there was clearly a bet made on how much mileage they could squeeze out of one animated sprite, and it's animated well enough to make that feel only slightly ridiculous.
So yeah, nothing outstanding, but perfectly good for what it is.

Tanya von Degurechaff - 1 Hour ago

Came for Una
Stayed for the fun strategy card game.

Horny man - 5 Hour ago

Pretty good card game
Complex enough to make it challenging but you can cheese the game with proper build
Hentai part is just a bonus

Thee Big Fat Panda - 20 Hour ago

Came for boobs, stayed for the deck building.

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