Wedding Witch

Release date: Nov 3, 2023
1.029 Votes

There's a witch who wants to marry you. She's trying to find Succubus' potions to seduce you. But there's the Labyrinth Forest blocking her way. Will she be able to find them and have a happy wedding ceremony?

  • Reviews: Very Positive
  • Developer: Chowbie
  • Publisher: Chowbie
  • Genre: Action
  • Tags: Sexual Content, Mature, Action Roguelike, Hentai
Shirokuma - 1 Hour ago

Easy to play with one hand

alez - 5 Hour ago

Sometimes all it takes is a hot witch to get my money

Betalish - 20 Hour ago

prety fun but sad no seggs

Nick Knight - 1 Hour ago

Vampire survivors, witch waifu edition. Nothing more to say here. Now go back winning, son.

Skinny - 5 Hour ago

Good gameplay, good selection of power ups and 3 different difficulties to play on. Not an overly hard game but had some challenging bits on the nightmare difficulty. Overall I'd say this is a good game and I'd happily recommend it to others, had me hooked for 10 hours straight!!!

Mayuchii - 20 Hour ago

Simple, beautiful and addicting.
If you like "Vampire survivor like" games, and "anime waifus", this is the game for you. Finished everything in 15 hours, wish there was more to play. Regardless, loved every minute spent.

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