Workplace Fantasy

Release date: Nov 15, 2023
1.029 Votes

The main stage of "Workplace Fantasy" is a fictional seaside town, which tells the story of a newly graduated intern who works, lives, and communicates, interacts, and "delves into" various residents of the town.

  • Reviews: Very Positive
  • Developer: HappyCreator
  • Publisher: HappyCreator
  • Genre: RPG
  • Tags: Sexual Content, Nudity, Adverture, 2D, Mature
brehbouy - 1 Hour ago

7/10 to hard to play with one hand

Edge82 - 5 Hour ago

I´m running through town, collecting garbage to sell at a dumpster to earn some money. And you know what...i´m having fun doing it. There are tons of activities, a lot of girls to interact with and the art is beautiful. The only thing that´s really bad is the english translation you should hire someone to look over it dev. And maybe add one or two more girls. But other than that great work. Thank you.

Shiki TheFallen - 20 Hour ago

So far i am having fun in the game but run into a bug that i cant unlock Reina. I keep looking at Genevieve computer and it act like i didn't read the message at all. I hope they fix these issue! They are fast at fixing the game! love the story and want my adult games like these good!

Snark - 1 Hour ago

Sheesh, the boobas got me
It's OK, running around is tedious and gets boring real fast, could use some fast travel, and 3d lewd stuff looks meh
edit: eh, I needed a fix found in the discussions to get the game to work, because no button was responding in the main menu
it worked, but when I launch the game again, my saves are gone...
edit2: menu is fixed, but saves still gone, at least the new saves work

HIHIHI - 5 Hour ago

I spent more than hour just to figuring out the puzzle, Am i too stupid or it just unsolvable puzzle???? @.@

I437 - 20 Hour ago

creative and intuitive gameplay, perfect for those looking to unwind on a gloomy day.

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